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June 04, 2021



So I've basically given everyone I know copies of Apathy and Other Small Victories. For the past 15 years, just buying and giving, and buying and giving. Easily my favorite book of all time, so share the joy, right?

In the mean time, I gave up on the dream that you would ever write another book. The realization was heartbreaking, but you literally owe me nothing, so it's not like I could be mad about it either.

So imagine my surprise, when the most recent recipients of my book-gifting campaign texted me this morning. Of course they tell me it's hilarious, that was expected. But oh, divine providence- that while riding that reading-high, they google your name, find this blog you abandoned 13 years ago, and see your today-years-old post announcing your new book!

Anyways, obviously I've already pre-ordered. Just wanted to say thanks, and welcome back!


hey thanks. that was really sweet. and thanks for hanging in. hope you like the new one.

Sean Trinder

I'm so excited that you have another book coming out. Apathy and Other Small Victories is my absolute favourite novel. I get paid today and the first thing I'm doing is ordering the Hollywood Spiral. Can't wait!


Ditto the comments from Cardboard. YOU'RE BACK! UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Kyle Villere

Just a few chapters into the story and already one of my favorite books of recent memory. My two favorite genres are Science Fiction and Noir, and when they are together.. perfect. Great book! Thank you!


I enjoyed Apathy and am currently enjoying Hollywood Spiral. Both were recommended to me by a depressed, socially awkward friend. Great stuff. But I worry about you. I think I'd like to meet you and hang out, but then again, maybe you're a dick. I can't tell. I'll never know, probably.
I hope you have a couple more books in you so maybe I can figure it out


Dearest Mr. Neilan:
I apologize for suggesting perhaps you are a dick. I found an interview in which you appear to be a very lovely person. I must not judge you based upon your readers, ie myself.
Yes, I have recently discovered I am a dick. I actually feel a surge of power with this knowledge. I must endeavor to wield my dickishness sparingly.
But still, please write more books


Hi Paul

Apathy is one of my most read books. Learning that you've publish something new has made my week!

Glad you're still around. I can't wait to read it.

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