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June 26, 2007



I think I'd probably be terrified to meet Chuck Palahniuk too. You wrote the only book that made me laugh hard enough that people asked me what I was reading but that Guts story was the only one to make me feel physically ill.



In the top right corner of Facebook there's a "privacy" link. In there you can make your profile viewable to everyone, not just your friends.

And now you'll have to start adding people as Friends (you'll be surprised how quickly the number will rise).

Do a search for Apathy and Other Small Victories on Facebook and see how many people in your network have added it as a favorite book. Add those people as friends and ask them to spread the link around to the first chapter on MySpace.


In a few days, once you've got a decent number of Friends, start a Facebook group (really not that difficult) and post an excerpt as the group's description, and in the contact info have the link to buy the book on Amazon.

Then you can invite all your friends to join the group, and ask that they invite all their friends to join the group, and so on. It can grow exponentially.


Also, have you asked Max to send some link love your way?

He might not feel so inclined now, what with his editor saying he can't publish his latest book... but it's certainly worth a shot. Either he links or he doesn't, he can't take traffic away. Unless he finds a way to. Then you're pretty much screwed.


Paul, I added you as a facebook friend. I won't be much of a friend, I'll probably say mean things to Chuck about you...Chuck Norris, not Palahniuk.

Love the book and the blog.



joining facebook and myspace is a great way to get the word out on your book, as much as I hate both of those sites for all the damage that they are causing the youth of today, hopefully when ppl are wasting their time on those sites they'll see your book and read it, because we all know everyone needs to read this book!

Andrew Kelley

Can I have a link to this site with the recommended books? I haven't read Guts.

Spencer Dewispealere

To Andrew Kelley, If you have not yet, I recommend saving yourself from it, but then again it probably made you want to read it more.

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