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June 28, 2007



I've submitted this post to Digg, so it might get noticed if some more people from here digg it:

Alex P

I may have to buy your book in paperback since I'm too fucking poor to buy it in hardcover... Again. I demand that you mail me a copy to replace the one that my faggot roommate stole from me when he moved out one day. That son of a bitch.

erin freer

your book is hysterical, i actually cry sometimes i am laughing so hard. i work at the 540 Club that you will be reading at on July 26th and look foward to hopefully meeting you.


Hi Paul,

is there a chance, that you will read in New York in the next couple of months?



david neilan

very very very funny....i hope we're related!

Paul Neilan

Hey thanks there JCK. Don't worry Alex. When you and your roommate get back together you'll have a hard cover again. I know you two will make it work, somehow. And Erin, is the reading definitely set for the 26th? I wasn't sure what day it was happening. I should probably figure that out. There's nothing set for New York but if it comes together I'll let you know Robert. And I would think if we were related there David I would have already tried to borrow money off you at some point, but I'll ask my mom just to make sure..........Paul


What first caught my attention about the book is the title, it's AWESOME. Next I noticed on the cover is a guy about to blow his brains out, also awesome. Finally, I read a few pages and LOVED it.
I can't wait to buy it.

I don't think I would have posted this comment if it wasn't for this, though:
I think you missed a word in the third reason: "Buy it FOR somebody who’s a big fan of the Jim Belushi sitcom According To Jim"


I cried when I bought this book again and there was no three new chapters or anything. Asshole.


I started reading this book about a month ago, then lost it. Recently found it again, and woke up thinking about it this morning. I just camped out with coffee and smokes and finished it. Fucking hillarious. Im pretty sure every page is stained with mascara laughter tears. I am ready for your next book now please. Thank you.


i was going to buy your book but then i stole it instead. sorry. i hate barnes and noble. lvoe jesse.

Asian Woman

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It has been awhile since I've enjoyed a good book that isn't about child development, birth or knitting...yes, that sounds sad, but don't shed a tear for me. As a Mom to 3 I can still enjoy fiction. My brother handed me this book and said: Teesh, here. I started in a couple days ago and for the past 2 nights I have laughed my toddler and husband awake into the wee hours of my private time of the night; blasted book and my terrible use of semicolons.

Thank you for your funny book. I unfortunately share a private talk in my own mind that *may* or may not resemble your characters ;)


your book rocked.. and i like rocks


I was just going to buy one and burn a copy for everyone else. But I realized that books are made of paper and that would probably not work.

I guess I could just try to pirate a copy. But pirates are exposed to too much water, so that probably wouldn't work either.

So I guess I will just buy a few (dozen) copies for people who will (and won't) appreciate it. But only because I don't want to see you appear as a plaintiff in some fucked up Metallica sort of way. Don't be that guy. And stop wearing leather, you're not in college anymore.

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